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Prefab Steel Structure Building Modular Building Office Container Prefabricated Houses
Mar 27, 2018

Basic Info

  • Usage: Warehouse, Villa, Dormitories, Temporary Offices, Workshop

  • Customized: Customized

  • Downspout: PVC Pipes

  • Welding: Muti-Spot Welding

  • Transport Package: at Buyer′s Requirement

  • Origin: Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu

  • Material: Steel Structure

  • Certification: ISO, CE

  • color: blue or white

  • Size: Designed as Per Customer′s Requirement

  • Trademark: GT

  • Specification: 24m3

  • HS Code: 9406000090

Product Description

Prefabricated houses - advantage is introduced
Prefabricated houses for steel structure. Its characteristic is: can tear open outfit, easy to transport, mobile convenience, trailer is appropriate is located on the slopes, hills, plains and deserts, river. Do not take up space, can be built into 15-160 square meters, mobile health clean, indoor facilities, the durability of the stability of the trailer is strong, beautiful and generous. According to customer requirements for design, delicate and elegant, heat preservation performance is good, warm in winter and cool in summer, most trailer structure completed in the factory. Mobile site installation, does not damage the environment and green environmental protection, not only has practical value, more ornamental value, can bring high returns to you, trailer one-time investment for life.
Trailer is: the advantages of steel structure, can be built into 60-240 square meters, indoor for jumping type stair, health, clean indoor facilities, mobile home beautiful appearance, novel design, elegant, energy-saving environmental protection, heat preservation performance is good, warm in winter and cool in summer, typhoon and earthquake resistant living comfortable warmth, trailer design according to customer requirements to install, it strong stability, long service life, not only has the use value is more ornamental value, mobile home makes you feel the into nature, experience the real Europe romantic life, is family tourism, resorts, villas, places of entertainment's first choice.

Prefabricated housing - the housing types
Cement prefabricated houses
Applicable to a variety of construction sites for migrant workers dormitory office. Can also be used for ceiling and layer, all kinds of warehouse, etc. Cement trailer, bearing system of this product for the steel structure, safe and reliable, wall adopts double wire mesh, lightweight insulation materials and high strength cement prefabricated composite board, heat preservation, heat insulation, light weight, high strength, end face brush with mechanism for cement tile, exterior wall color water surface, the wallpaper USES advanced plastic decorative pattern decoration indoor aluminum alloy keel plasterboard condole top, beautiful novel, transportation, installation, convenient, quick, steel window, steel door, glass, locks, complete.
Phosphate magnesium prefabricated houses
Phosphate magnesium soil is the lowest price on the market, the lightest weight, the most easy to build simple light body trailer, it has the waterproof, fire, earthquake, anti-corrosion unique effect. Plate with core, full thermal insulation and so on. Standard width 5 meters, 12 meters long and weighs more than two tons. * build special room can design according to user requirements. Construction unit is suitable for temporary occupancy.
Color steel plate prefabricated houses
Color steel plate prefabricated houses belong to light steel structure, the wall is made of color steel plate with wrapping polyethylene foam sandwich composite panels of the specifications of the product size, space interval can according to need.  prefabricated housing use cycle for 10 to 20 years, thermal insulation, beautiful generous, indoor decorate condole carries on the processing.

Prefabricated houses - installation steps
2, Foundation, have, as a brick foundation and concrete foundation
3, Steel structure installation
4, If is many floors, installation of precast floor slab
5, Color steel plate installed
6, The first layer of floor
5, Doors and Windows installation
6, Indoor decoration
Prefabricated houses - use note
1, Do not arbitrarily or trying to remove any screws and parts.
2, Indoor floor should be higher than outdoor 50 mm, outdoor drainage should be fixed.
3, Non-professional personnel shall not change any structure.
4, Floor per square meter of load value shall not be greater than the static load and load standard value stipulated in the contract.
5, Please don't use fire stove indoors.
6, Do not jump, run upstairs.
7, Please nudge light when using Windows and doors closed.
8, For easy to corrode steel members regularly for remove the rush, paint, renovation and other maintenance work.
9, Not recommended users to set the kitchen in activities outside the room, as must be set in the mobile home inside, please install the good smoke lampblack machine equipment, and fire from the wall shall not be less than 50 cm.
10 Do not advocate, the user set the toilet inside the room, the activity must be set in mobile inside, please prepare anti-corrosion, waterproof measures

Prefabricated houses - pricing principle
Single area = K(length direction K number X1.82 + 0.15) X (width direction K number X1.82 + 0.15)
Double cover  = single area X 2
The stairs area according to the horizontal projection area calculation.
Half of the platform area according to the actual area is calculated
Calculated according to square meter price: square number * unit price + shipping = the final price
Prefabricated houses - main purposes
Alleviate the situation
Prefabricated houses used for earthquake emergencies
Earthquake zone in Sichuan, the seismic houses teams are sent to around day and night for the affected people build neat and comfortable housing activity.Due to easy to tear open outfit, combination, generally within a few days can have hundreds of sets of prefabricated housing delivery, everywhere in ruins, the ruins of these new hut become victims of warm home.
According to zibo to the affected areas of the production of prefabricated houses responsible person of the enterprise, the construction standard of the disaster relief room is seismic, thermal insulation, fire prevention, insulation, 20 per square meter, equipped with liquefied petroleum gas, water supply, power supply facilities, etc., can basically meet the needs of the victims.Residents also, according to the number of proportion, to schools, garbage rooms, toilets and related facilities construction.The prefabricated houses can use one or two years, to solve the problem of victims during the transition of living, solve the urgent need, so to speak.
Simple living
Convenient and practical prefabricated houses
For prefabricated houses, most people will be strange, but in modern architecture, but is widely used because of its unique advantages.Prefabricated houses are divided into different types, is commonly used for Color steel plate prefabricated houses.
This trailer walls and roofing materials are color steel plate surface polystyrene foam sandwich composite panels.Color steel plate prefabricated houses sandwich board has heat preservation and heat insulation, anti-corrosion insulation, light, flame retardant, good seismic performance, strong and beautiful, easy installation, effectively increase the using area of the building and without secondary decoration, etc.Color steel plate prefabricated houses structure is stable and reliable, roofing waterproof structure design, does not need to do any other waterproof processing.External walls and roofing light color, texture soft, board face level off, with steel skeleton is very harmonious, has the very good adornment effect, the inside of the house can be adornment sex is very strong.

Principle of decoration is concise and flexible
Due to the practical is the primary choice, and there has been a preliminary space in the design, prefabricated houses don't have to like our house at ordinary times need large-scale decoration, but in the process of living, or according to its architectural characteristics, follow the principle of simple and flexible modification or decoration.
According to a senior designer, first of all, before check-in, shall be installed by professional personnel to the trailer for final quality inspection, to ensure safety.Because normally not as long-term residence, prefabricated houses of furniture should also try to choose the design of medium weight, convenient move, can live in the process of position adjustment, and easy migration in the future.Try not to do too much on wall, ceiling decoration, such as hanging heavy lamp, home decoration, other facilities should be as far as possible concise.



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