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Integrated Telecom Base Station Products (MGT-ITS007)
Mar 31, 2018

Basic Info

  • Shape: According to Cilent Requirements

  • Material: According to Cilent Requirements

  • Certification: ISO

  • We Can Design Them: According to Cilent Requirements


  • HS Code: 73082000

  • Structure: According to Cilent Requirements

  • Standard: According to Cilent Requirements

  • Belly Bar Shape: According to Cilent Requirements

  • Condition: New

  • Trademark: MEGATRO

  • Origin: Shandong, China

Product Description

Integrated telecom base station products
Integrated telecom base station products refers to one combined telecom products including telecom tower & poles, light luminaries, antenna, cable tray, tower earthing kits, shelter room and others if client need.

FoToon Housing Service can design and produce integrated telecom base station products for Chinese and overseas client. Since 2013, FoToon Housing Service pioneered the development of transmission tower, telecom tower, substation, and other steel structure and was also at the forefront in the design of telecom tower. Today, with over 10 years of experience and our commitment to excellence, FoToon Housing Service remains an industry leader in the manufacture and design of steel tubular & angular & monopole structures for all Highway, Municipal, Custom, telecom, lighting and electric Utility applications. We utilize the latest versions of DAO-POWER, PLS-CADD, PLS-POLE, TOWER, AutoCAD and other CAD software.

Our attractive and multi-functional integrated telecom base station products are facing immense demand from every corner of globe for their technical, scientific and compact design specifications. We offer cost effective range of development and installation service regarding as an additional installation service.
We have some type for integrated telecom base station products:
1 light duty monopole tower with light luminaries
2 triangular angular or tubular towers
3 Square angular or tubular towers
4 Guyed telecom towers

Other accessories including:
1 Cable tray with every size
2 Aviation light at different position
3 shelter room with every size and client requirements
4 other supports or brackets

Integrated telecom base station towers description as follow:
1. Material: Comply with client requirements or as follow
Steel grades
Tower legs: Chinese steel Q345B, which same to ASTM A572 GR50
Other webs, bracing and not stress plate and angle steel: Chinese Q2138B, which same to ASTM A36
Plates: Chinese steel Q345B, which same to ASTM A572 GR50
Bolts: Chinese grade 6.8 and 8.8, which similar to ASTM A394
A) Dimension and tolerance for angle are according to GB/T1591-1994, similar to EN 10056-1/2
B) Hot dip galvanization in accordance with GB/T 13912-2002, which similar to ASTM A 123
C) The welding will be performance in accordance with AWS D1.1 or CWB standard
If any special requirement, we can design and discuss with client.

2. Design: As per client and harmony with environment
3. Life time: 20-30 years or longer
4. Height: 5M to 200M or as per client design
5. Platform: According to design
6. Payment: L/C or T/T
7. Annual production capacity: 40000 Tons/year
8. Delivery:  One month or based on the customer's needs
9. Other details:
Working &Resting Platform Quantity: 1-3 PCS
sectional or panel Antenna: 3-18 PCS
Microwave Dish: 3-18 PCS
Spare parts: All necessary parts for installation and connection
FoToon Housing Service provide Microwave Telecommunication Towers design with below requirements

10. Design Requirements and Basic of Design
TOWERS will guarantee the overall safety of the tower. MEGATRO TOWERS will submit design calculation report for member design of tower and overall structural stability of the structure, which is signed by a charted structural Engineer.
MEGATRO will supply the skeleton to scale, showing the assembly of the structures, the antenna mounting levels, other detail drawings etc.
The calculation method to be adopted for tower design will be decided by MEGATRO TOWERS with the consent of the client.
All materials will comply with British Standard (hereinafter called BS), Japanese Industrial Standard (hereinafter called JIS) or equivalent standards. The permissible stress of the materials will comply with BS, standard by Architectural Institute of Japan (hereinafter call AIJ) or equivalent. The standards adopted for all materials will be stated separately.

General Design Criteria
Mast will be designed based on GB, BS 8100, TIA/EIA-222-G-2006, IS 802 & IS875 or equivalent international standards.
The wind loading on the tower and antennas mounted on it will withstand a ground level wind velocity of 140 Km/h and survival speed of 180 Km/h including with height in accordance with latest BSI CP3: Chapter V: Part 2: British Standard (BS)
Antenna that will be considered when it calculates wind areas will be Six GSM antennas, Two each 600 mm diameter microwave dishes & one 1.2m ? Microwave plus all the feeders for GSM and MW antennas.
Allowance will be given to the effective windage area of the following:
Feeder runway
Platforms and guard rails
Ladder and ladder guards
FoToon Housing Service submit the complete data showing the drag factor from various angles of wind on the antenna offered.

FoToon Housing Service is one of the few manufactures who assemble a face of telecom tower. This attention to quality may not be the cheapest process but it does insure every tower meets our high standards of quality. And it helps to reduce on-site construction cost due to mismatched assemblies. After fabrication all telecom towers are delivered to the galvanizing facility to be Hot DIP Galvanized. Towers are processed through the facility by Caustic Cleaning, Pickling, and then Fluxing. These strict procedures insure years of maintenance free towers. FoToon Housing Service' telecom tower systems can accommodate a variety of cross-arm. MEGATRO also offers a wide variety of accessories and mounts.

Other information:
Package: Both parties discuss before delivery
Port of Loading: Shanghai/Ningbo Port
Minimum order: 1 set

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